Green Party selects candidate for Louth and Horncastle seat

General Election 2015
General Election 2015

The local branch of the Green Party has selected Louth woman Romy Rayner as their candidate to fight the Louth and Horncastle seat at next year’s general election.

Ms Rayner, 30, was chosen at a local branch meeting earlier this month, where party members voted unanimously in favour of accepting her as the candidate.

In terms of central policy, Ms Rayner believes in saving the NHS, re-nationalising the railways and increasing the minimum wage to a living wage of £10 per hour for everyone.

More locally, Ms Rayner believes that improving public transport in our rural constituency is of paramount importance.

On the subject of the controversial sale of the Louth Cattle Market, Ms Rayner adds: “I have for many months been saying we should have held a town referendum.

“In my mind it’s the only democratic solution to an issue which has divided our community.”