Homes in the pipeline for estate

An artist's impression of the proposed heritage centre.
An artist's impression of the proposed heritage centre.

The historic South Ormsby Estate, in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds, has confirmed that plans are in the pipeline to build up to 
150 homes in the area.

The news was revealed following a wave of neighbour objections to a current planning application to build a new heritage centre at 
Manor Farm on the Estate, with a number of residents citing their fears of future housing developments as their reason for objecting - claiming it would be the ‘thin end of the wedge’ if the heritage centre plans are approved.

However, a South Ormsby Estate spokesman said their plans had received ‘overwhelmingly positive’ feedback from residents, and sought to alleviate some of the concerns held by those who had submitted objections.

Spokesman, Damien Howard-Pask, said: “The South Ormsby Estate has been working on sustainable, long-term plans for the 
future which focus on making the estate a more attractive place to live, work and visit.

“Renovations, business support, and sympathetic development will form the foundations of the plans 
which will help the local economy and 
local community while preserving the beauty, tranquility and character of the area.

“We firmly 
believe that there’s a bright future ahead for the entire estate, and that we can make South Ormsby into a shining example of sustainable and 
sympathetic rural development and conservation.

“To help us toward this goal, the estate, including Manor Farm, Harden’s Gap, the Rectory, Old School and the historic South Ormsby Hall are to be restored and improved.

“As needed, a number of new homes will also be built, with the first 10 homes expected to go for 
pre-planning application advice this summer.”

Mr Howard-Pask added: “(Residents) can be assured that we’re doing everything we can to protect the beauty, character and tranquility of the local area, and prevent putting extra pressure to roads and infrastructure.

“To support the future economic growth of the area and the local community, the South Ormsby Estate is planning to build up to 150 houses with supporting infrastructure near South Ormsby village.

“These houses will be built only to meet demand as and when they’re needed 
to support growth.

“As they’re built, the homes will create a central village green to help remain a tight-knit village community. We certainly won’t be building these homes in one go, they’ll only be built as and when they’re needed.

“Along with the houses, new green spaces, access routes and footpaths will be created to help people enjoy the area, while preserving its atmosphere and beauty.

“As we work to attract new businesses to the estate, it’s important that the entrepreneurs and their employees can move here with their families too.

“We want them to be part of the community, and so it’s important to us that the homes complement the beauty and atmosphere of the area, and that they fit in with the existing village.”

The proposed heritage centre would include a gallery and exhibition room, in addition to a space for arts and crafts, and business use.

The plans also include a cafe, toilets, a bike rental room, a picnic area and a 
new pond nearby.

Visit www.southormsby for updates.