Lincolnshire County Council urge national referendum over EU membership

Leader of Lincolnshire County Council, Coun Martin Hill.
Leader of Lincolnshire County Council, Coun Martin Hill.

Lincolnshire County Council have voted to call on the Government to hold a national referendum over Britain’s membership in the European Union.

The Conservative-led authority passed a motion at the full council meeting on Friday for council leader Martin Hill to write to Prime Minister David Cameron over the matter.

According to the council’s papers the ‘European Question’ has caused ‘deep distrust’ within the UK, who reveive ‘a very poor deal from our membership of this elite federalist club’.

“Our residents are upset and angry that they have no powers to stem the tide, or change laws imposed on our country, which to a part explains the distrust voters generally feel for all the mainstream political parties and why voter turnout continues to decline,” said the papers.

“It is now time for this country and the residents of Lincolnshire to be given the opportunity through a national referendum to let their views on Europe be known to our political leaders, across the spectrum.”

The resolved to ‘wholeheartedly endorse and agree to fully support the call for the holding of a National Referendum on our continued membership of the European Union, and as a consequence of this the Council authorises the Leader of the Council to write to the Prime Minister to advise him of this council’s position and to urge him during the year ahead to agree a binding timetable for a National Referendum, on our membership of the EU, so it can take place in 2014’.