Louth councillor suggests ‘moratorium’ on new housing

Planning news.
Planning news.

Louth Town Council has called for a ‘moratorium’ on big new housing developments being approved in the town – and it has been suggested that new settlement should be built elsewhere in the district.

Councillor Jill Makinson-Sanders suggested that the town council should write to East Lindsey District Council and request the moratorium (temporary prohibition) on new housing: “until the town’s inadequate infrastructure is upgraded to a state commensurate with 2020”.

Councillor Jill Makinson-Sanders.

Councillor Jill Makinson-Sanders.

Coun Makinson-Sanders told her fellow councillors: “It’s build, build, build – that’s all they ever seem to do!

“After the Grimsby Road plans went through, you’ll be dismayed to know that plans have now been submitted for hundreds more houses off Brackenborough Road.”

Coun Makinson-Sanders added the town was suffering problems with burst water mains and water supply, the effectiveness of ‘SUDS’ drainage schemes, and inadequate health provision.

“We can’t have all these new houses without a new primary school”, she added.

“It’s desperately needed, and you can’t put up a school in five minutes. We need to have a plan, and we need to get it done properly.

“We really need to stop, and catch up. Our pipe works, our gas works, and all the rest of it, are just not up to the job.

“They’re actually killing the goose that laid the golden egg with Louth, really.”

Coun David Hall raised the idea of starting a new settlement in East Lindsey, and referred to a proposed ‘eco-town’ on Manby airfield which was withdrawn in 2008.

Coun Eileen Ballard agreed with the moratorium idea, and said: “Nobody seems to listen to us. Our town can’t cope.”

Coun Makinson-Sanders concluded that ELDC’s leader, and the head of their planning department, should be invited to a future town council meeting to “express our concerns about the town” 
and discuss the suggestions that had been put forward, including the idea of a new settlement in the district.

The councillors voted in favour of writing to ELDC and inviting their representatives to discuss the matter.