Louth councillors challenge wet weather insurance bid for summer parade

Councillors have questioned a proposed move to take out wet weather insurance for an outdoor parade in Louth in the summer.

Town clerk Linda Blankley confirmed at the Louth Town Council meeting on February 26 that she was looking at insurance for the July 7 Mayor’s Parade to cover the cost of closing some town centre roads, closures which may not be required if wet weather forces the event inside.

Last year the town council came under fire after a Jubilee picnic at Hubbard’s Hills, including paid-for entertainment, was forced into St James’s Church after conditions were deemed ‘too wet and dangerous’.

It transpired that a private party was also taking place in the same venue.

The town clerk confirmed that this year’s contingency plan would also be St James’s Church, but councillors questioned the need for insurance, costing around £60, for this year’s event.

Coun Andrew Leonard described last year’s goings on as a ‘hullabaloo’, but warned that a parade, which could still take place in the rain, was a different kettle of fish.

“You can pay the premium and get the money but it doesn’t stop the event taking place,” he said.

“The picnic was a different ball game altogether.”

Coun George Horton said: “My only concern is financial. I’ve seen parades in the rain, I don’t think it (insurance) is all that important.”

Coun Laura Stephenson however backed the move, arguing that it would protect the council from criticism.

“We do live in Britain and it is very rainy,” she said.

“People have been very upset in the past when things haven’t happened the way we would have wanted them to.”

Coun Margaret Ottaway agreed, she said spending £60 on such cover could only be ‘a good thing to do’.