Louth’s Eastgate: top spot for fines


Eastgate has been named as the street with the highest number of parking fines in the whole of Lincolnshire.

Over £35,000 worth of income was generated from fines in the Louth street between March 2014 and February 2015.

In total, 1,053 penalty charge notices were dished out to motorists, and a total of 63 appeals were granted.

Silver Street in Lincoln was the second highest with 902 fines issued, with Boston’s Market Place in third with 857.

Lincolnshire County Council’s Executive Councillor for Highways and Transport, Richard Davies, said: “We’re projected to make a relatively small surplus of around £100,000 from parking enforcement between April 2014 to March 2015. This is ring-fenced and can only be spent on specific schemes such as improving parking provision, environmental projects or other schemes relating to transportation.

“We also have to set aside funds within the ring-fenced account to ensure we can manage any future deficit that could arise.”