Louth Town Council objects to proposed Cattle Market plans


Louth Town Council has objected to the “insulting” detailed particulars of the proposed new cattle market site, on land adjacent to Windsor House in 
Belvoir Way on the Fairfield Industrial Estate.

Coun Hall told fellow councillors: “There is no way that we can allow this one in. There’s no DEFRA report, no agricultural report... it’s just pointless bringing it up.

“If anyone else had come to us with this sort of plan we’d throw it out and laugh 
at them.

“It is insulting to us, to bring this in at this point and especially at this stage, so 
we should refuse it.”

Coun Wing said that the plans were not even drawn to scale, and added: “Why have they brought it for us to take a vote on, when we don’t even know what it’s going to look like? It’s ridiculous... we ought to throw this out.”

Further issues raised by councillors, which were listed in the Town Council’s consultee comments and sent to the planning authority at ELDC, included concerns regarding commercial vehicle manoeuvring, the volume of farm delivery vehicles, and parking availability.

The location of the 
facility - adjacent to medical and food outlets and prestigious manufacturing businesses - was also cited as a key concern, as was the size of the site which was deemed unsuitably small.