MPs call for fairer funding for rural communities

A cross party group of MPs has called on the government to reconsider rural communities who face government cuts.

The group of more than 45 MPs said the 2013/14 Local Government Financial Settlement threatened to further widen the gap between the funding given to rural and urban councils.

Urban councils already receive 50 per vcent more per head than rural areas despite evidence that many services are more expensive to deliver in sparsely populated areas.

The Rural Fair Share Campaign is calling on the government to amend the provisional settlement to reduce the gap between rural and urban councils in the coming year.

Graham Stuart, who is also the Conservative MP for Beverley and Holderness, said: “The rural voice has been silent for too long.”

“Enough is enough,” said Mr Stuart. “People in rural areas earn less, pay higher council tax and then receive substantially less support for services.