Plan for ‘whacky’ Sandilands beach hut is approved

An artists impression of how the beach hut structure will look.
An artists impression of how the beach hut structure will look.

Plans to built what has been described as a ‘whacky’ beach hut in Sandilands have been given the go ahead by East Lindsey District Council.

This is the second time the plans have been put forward to the planning committee and the second time it has been approved with conditions.

The proposal to change the use of former public toilets to form a store and toilet with erection of a beach chalet above came back to Thursday’s planning committee meeting after a number of residents failed to get their say on the plans when letters informing them about the last meeting did not reach them on time.

Three speakers from the public gallery spoke at the meeting.

One was local business owner Catherine Hallsworth, who pleaded with the committee’s councillors to listen to their views.

She said: “It is said under the Government Planning Policy Framework that it is encouraged that the public should have their say on planning, so we want to get back into planning, so please listen to our views.

“Privacy is seriously comprised, it is nearby to a sharp bend which could distract drivers and it is against the wishes of the local community.”

Applicant Tim Spring also spoke at the meeting.

“I have no commercial intentions for this beach hut and there is no such thing as a typical beach hut anymore, I just want a 21st century beach hut, but still using classic materials,” he said.

Ward Coun Stephen Palmer was unable to attend the meeting but Coun Tony Howard read out a statement on his behalf.

“Mablethorpe does whacky, Sutton is more sober,” he said.

“The building is out of character with the rest and doesn’t fit in with what’s around it, this is not quality.”

Councillors Mossop and Newcome voted in favour of the proposal on the grounds of remaining “consistent” to the first time the plans came to the committee.

However Coun Makinson-Sanders was against the plans and said that the design “looks really stupid.”

The application was approved on the condition that the colours as displayed in the photo would be ‘calmed down’, but not all councillors voted in favour of the beach hut plan.

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