Plans to save coastal beach huts

The future fate for beach huts situated in Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea is currently being decided. EMN-150317-081449001
The future fate for beach huts situated in Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea is currently being decided. EMN-150317-081449001

A public meeting was held last week to discuss plans to safeguard the future running of District Council owned beach huts in Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea.

Residents and councillors joined together at The Enterprise Hall in Sutton on Sea last Wednesday (March 11) to debate the best way moving forward to secure the future running of the 77 District Council run beach huts that people can rent out per day or for the week.

The District Council budget has already been set for 2015/16 so the beach huts will remain under their control for the upcoming summer season, but their scrutiny report, which came out in June last year, expressed an intention to consider alternative delivery options, with one including possible demolition of the huts.

Following this review, Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea Town Council have stepped in to try and come up with alternative solutions to continue the running of the beach huts for the future. These were discussed at the public meeting.

The main aim of the public meeting was to gather interest from residents to set up a steering group to look at the feasibility of the beach huts and the costs involved to repair them.

This would follow the possibility of setting up a community group in future and find sources of funding and to make them work better as a business.

Many residents at the meeting slammed East Lindsey District Council due to the substantial amount of repairs that the beach huts need and its way of doing business.

This included the lack of booking staff, which are currently only part time, and the fact that residents believe the beach huts could be open for longer during the season with residents claiming it’s currently “a missed opportunity.”

But people felt the 
coast would not be the 
same without the beach 

At the meeting, Town Coun Stephen Palmer said: “The beach huts are a quintessential part of the coastal offer.”

Town Coun Joyce Taylor added: “These beach huts are
 a traditional seaside attraction.

“I don’t want them to disappear.”

A representative from East Lindsey District Council was invited along to attend 
the public meeting, but declined.

What do you think? Can the beach huts be saved and run better if taken out of the District Council’s control or are they beyond repair?

Email your views to or call us on 01507 353200.