Police called in over parody town council Twitter account

Councillor Makinson-Sander
Councillor Makinson-Sander

A parody account on Twitter, which pokes fun at Louth town councillors, has led to the police being called.

It is not publicly known who runs the account, called “Makingsum-Blunders”.

One of the first people to follow the account was ELDC councillor Sarah Dodds, who says she was approached by police officers at her home.

Coun Dodds said: “I was asked by the police if I had any knowledge of the spoof Twitter account aimed at Councillor Makinson-Sanders, as I was one of the first people to follow it and they wanted to know if I had any knowledge of who had set up the account.

“I reassured them that I knew nothing about the origins of it - I had merely followed the account when it had followed me.

“I am surprised that any police involvement was ever deemed necessary as the account does not appear to be malicious or threatening.

“The police were entirely happy with my comments on the matter.”

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Police said: “We received contact on April 8 from a female complainant who felt that the Twitter account had been created in her name and mocking her.

“She was visited by PCSOs for reassurance, although there is nothing in the tweets that would meet the criteria for a criminal investigation.”

Councillor Makinson-Sanders was not available for comment at time of going to press.