Protestors party to mark by-law birthday

Protestors at Huttoft Car Terrace marked the one year anniversary since the by laws were brought in.
Protestors at Huttoft Car Terrace marked the one year anniversary since the by laws were brought in.

Motorhome owners gathered at Huttoft Car Terrace last week to mark the one year anniversary of the by-laws they oppose.

The by-laws approved by Parliament and introduced by Lincolnshire County Council prohibit leaving a vehicle in specific East Lindsey car parks between the hours of 10pm and 6am.

But one year on, overnight parking campaigner Andy Strangeway believes the milestone should be marked as the situation at Huttoft Car Terrace is no closer to being resolved.

“We have come back to Huttoft Car Terrace to celebrate this one year milestone in a quiet manner.

“It is ironic that one year after the by-laws came in, that the County Council have not issued one summons.”

The council originally enforced the by-law due to problems at the car terrace including littering.

But, Mr Strangeways added: “There is no evidence to show that the problems at Huttoft Car Terrace are down to motorhome owners. I feel the motorhome owners are being victimised, it’s the fact that a group of people are being singled out, these motorhome owners I have met are lovely people and just want to settle the problems peacefully.”

In a story printed last week in the Leader, it stated that the County Council had issued over 60 court summons in respect of breaches of the by-law, but the Council has confirmed that it was in fact referring to 69 warning notices issued, which are attached to offending vehicles to inform the occupiers that they are parked in breach of the by-law.

This document does not constitute a summons to court. As a result of the notices being issued, Lincolnshire County Council has identified a number of repeat offenders and says it has commenced legal action to prosecute.

According to the County Council, only four court summons are currently being dealt with. Despite questions from the Leader, the council is still unable to confirm what course of action will be taken next in regards to height barriers at Huttoft Car Terrace or use of private security.

how many hours a private security firm spent patrolling the coastal car park or the cost.