‘Silly’ idea for stocks in Louth ruled out by council

Louth Town Council.
Louth Town Council.

Louth Town Council has decided to take no further action on a resident’s proposal to install a set of stocks in the town.

Despite the suggestion receiving a broadly positive response at a previous meeting in July, councillors were less enthusiastic when the discussion was continued at their meeting on August 23.

Coun Fran Treanor said: “I think the whole idea is just ridiculous.

“What would be made would be brand new, it would have no historical value, and nobody would have ever been in them.

“A museum is a place for relics, not new stocks.”

He added that stocks would be likely to be misused and abused by revellers on stag nights.

Coun Laura Stephenson said it is a “really silly idea”, Coun Chris Green said “don’t do it”, and Coun Andrew Leonard 
reiterated his previous 
position that it was a “waste of time”.

Following a five-minute discussion, councillors voted to take the matter no further.