Sir Peter reveals fears about a new wave of immigrants

Sir Peter Tapsell
Sir Peter Tapsell

Louth and Horncastle MP Sir Peter Tapsell fears the appointment of a new European Union president could spark ‘huge numbers’ of immigrants flooding into the United Kingdom.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Sir Peter praised Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent opposition to Jean-Claude Junker taking over as the new EU president.

Sir Peter said: “May I express to our Prime Minister my admiration for his determined opposition to the election to the presidency of a man who is wedded to the idea of closer political and economic union and to the freedom of movement of peoples which would siphon huge numbers of further immigrants into this country.”

Mr Cameron, who failed to win enough support from fellow EU leaders to stop Mr Jonker’s appointment, backed Sir Peter’s views.

He replied: “I completely agree with my right honourable friend about the importance of recognising that freedom of movement is not an unqualified right.

“It is particularly important for it to be properly qualified, particularly in respect of benefit abuse.”

Sir Peter also questioned the EU’s on-going policy of handing membership to Eastern European countries.

He said: “I deplore the provocative decision of the EU to move its economic frontier to within 300 miles of Moscow which will certainly be regarded by Russia as a strategic threat to which it will respond.”

Mr Cameron, though, disagreed with that point.

He said countries like Ukraine and Moldova should not be forced to choose between having a good relationship with either Russia or the EU.

He added: “They should be able to have good relationships with both.”