Sir Peter: Why it’s OK for second jobs


Sir Peter Tapsell has revealed why he opposed moves to prevent MP’s holding down second jobs.

The Louth and Horncastle MP said he believes the quality of MPs would suffer and warned only “obsessive crackpots” and “those who are unemployable anywhere else” would put themselves forward.

Sir Peter, speaking in Prime Minister’s Questions, said: “May I assure my Right Honourable Friend (the Prime Minister) that I am not a paid trade union official but I fear that if Members of the House are not allowed a second job, membership of it will soon be largely confined to the inheritors of substantial fortunes or to those with rich spouses, or to obsessive crackpots or those who are unemployable anywhere else.

David Cameron replied: “I want to be clear that the Father of the House does not fit into any of those categories.

“He makes an important point. Parliament is stronger because we have people with different experience. We have actually got practising doctors, practising dentists, people who served in Afghanistan or Iraq, and people who run family businesses.

“What we want is a Parliament where people can come and share their experience , instead of just having a whole lot of trade union sponsored ciphers.”