Tory candidate ready to step up campaigning for Louth and Horncastle seat

Victoria Atkins
Victoria Atkins

Victoria Atkins, the Conservative candidate for Louth and Horncastle in next year’s General Election, has pledged to devote her attention to full-time campaigning.

Mrs Atkins has prosecuted one of her final high profile cases before stepping up her efforts to succeed Sir Peter Tapsell.

The case involved a worker who was killed by machinery when his bosses put profit before safety.

Now, they are now paying the legal penalty.

Mrs Atkins said: “This appalling example of what can happen in the real world will be invaluable to me in campaigning to become an MP.

“It demonstrates the necessity of sensible and practical legislation to protect people.

“But it is essential that common sense prevails and that silly restrictions such as outlawing lucky dips or banning donkey rides at fetes are stopped.

“I support the Home Office campaign led by Minister of State, Mark Harper MP, to defend those who really need the protection of the law but to do away with the unnecessary dictates of overzealous jobsworths.”

Mrs Atkins, who is a successful barrister, won a lengthy fight to succeed Sir Peter.