Tory hopeful plans commission idea

Victoria Atkins
Victoria Atkins

Victoria Atkins, the PPC for the Conservatives in Louth and Horncastle, has revealed she intends to set up a constituency commission to tackle the issue of rural deprivation.

Ms Atkins said: “Job opportunities are the key to tackling such deprivation – but factors such as transport and training are important as well.

“If I am elected as the MP I intend to set up a Constituency Commission to investigate, to take evidence and to try to reach some constructive conclusions about the challenges facing the rural economies and what can be done to address them.”

Over the last six months, Ms Atkins has met people from all over the constituency to discuss the needs of local communities, ranging from rural broadband to schooling and job opportunities for disabled people.

She added: “The Commission will be set up shortly after the Election and will want to hear from local people and community organisations.

“I want people to speak their minds about problems and solutions. I can then use this evidence, as the new MP, to press the case for Louth & Horncastle with the relevant powers that be.”