UKIP’s Colin Mair ‘cloned’ - Fake website and twitter account ‘smear’ candidate

The fake UKIP website purporting to be from Colin Mair making spurious claims EMN-150904-101506001
The fake UKIP website purporting to be from Colin Mair making spurious claims EMN-150904-101506001

Colin Mair, UKIP’s general election candidate for Louth and Horncastle, has been ‘cloned’ with the creation of a fake website and twitter account.

The twitter account sent off around 60 messages at the same time and the wordpress website also posted a number of entries simultaneously.

UKIP headquarters, including its press office, were contacted over the issue, and they managed to get the fake twitter account @colinmair4ukip suspended. The party is trying to get the website closed down as well, something that takes a little longer.

Colin Mair, a leading Lincolnshire County Councillor, said the offenders contacted the press to accuse him of “saying all sorts of racist and slanderous stuff.”

“It’s happened to four other UKIP members. Somebody is being very busy. It’s got to be somebody with a malicious motive. But it’s nice to know that I am a threat, that they put in so much work to try and stop me.”

“The website was very well done. Somebody said to me ‘we did not know you were that good at websites,’” said the trained engineer.

“But the risk is, there’s no way you can modify the website.”

“The tweets were nasty enough for our press officers to get excited,” he said.

The website makes several racist remarks and referred to Ed Milliband as a “pathetic garden gnome.”

Coun Mair does have a twitter account, but he hasn’t tweeted since February, saying that you cannot say much in 18 or so words.

Sorting out the matter yesterday, he said, made him late for the arrival of UKIP leader Nigel Farage in Grimsby.

But the PPC’s campaign is unaffected, with him heading off to Sutton-on-Sea today to meet voters and look at issues, including the beach huts.

Mike Beecham, chairman of Louth & Horncastle UKIP, confirmed the incident, saying the party does not know who created the fake website and twitter account.

They considered reporting the matter to the police, but party won’t report it ‘yet.’

“It was a nasty thing,” said Mr Beecham this morning.

“There was no way Colin could have created all these tweets and posts all at once, no-one could,” he said.

“Our concern is not what’s being done (written) so far. There’s a website that purports to be us but we have no control over it,” he said.