What your councillors said about the sale of Louth Cattle Market


After hours of discussion this afternoon, Wednesday July 23, East Lindsey District Council voted to sell Louth’s Cattle Market.

But councillors debated whether to sell the site to supermarket giant Asda for several hours.

Here’s what some of your councillors said:

Coun Makinson-Saunders (Ind, Louth St Mary’s) told the meeting that 90 per cent of the people in her ward opposed the sale of the Cattle Market and pleaded the authority not to sell the site.

But Coun Stephen Harness said: “Lets close the current Cattle Market. It’s not just abut the money, it’s for the benefit of Louth.”

Coun Pauline Watson (Con, Louth St James) said she will abstain from today’s vote due to the equally divided views on the issue from her constituents.

Coun Hugo Marfleet (Con, Withern with Stain) said “lets keep Louth special” and support the Cattle Market staying on the same site.

Coun Philip Sturman (Lab, Louth North Holme) said “it’s a no brainer” to sell the Cattle Market site and it would be a “disaster” to defer the decision or vote against the sale.

East Lindsey District Council leader Coun Doreen Stephenson said selling the Cattle Market will “enable us to continue to invest in this district.”

But Coun Stephen Palmer (Ind, Sutton on Sea North) asked: “You can only sell off the family jewels once - is this the right time?”

And Coun Brian Burnett (Ind, Binbrook) said “This is probably the most contentious decision ELDC has made in its 40 year history. Selling the Cattle Market would be the biggest mistake in this council’s history. Louth would become a clone town.”

Coun John Upsall (Con, Wainfleet/Friskney) said Louth Town Council’s NewRiver Retail shopping centre idea is four months too late and only came to ELDC less than 36 hours before today.