Post office food donation to the Ark in memory of Ness

MANBY Post Office and Stores has handed over more than 200 tins of dog food to the Ark Animal Rescue and Retirement Home at North Somercotes.

Malcom and Joyce Brown at the post office make the donation every year in memory of their late daughter Vanessa Fenwick, known as Ness, who loved her dogs.

As well as the tins they also gave the Ark four big sacks of food.

Harvey Brown said: “My dad has done this every year for the last few years in memory of his daughter, my sister, who supported the Ark but was tragically taken from us.”

Sue Rice at the Ark was very grateful for the generous donation.

It costs almost £8,000 a month to run the Ark. Vets’ fees alone average around £1,000 a month and, despite many donations of food, they still spend about £500 a month on food.

l If you can help the Ark please call 01507 358140.