Powerlifter Bev, 50, will represent Great Britain

Bev Johnson with her coach James Breakespeare at Function First.
Bev Johnson with her coach James Breakespeare at Function First.

A local woman has gone from ‘strength to strength’ after qualifying for the European Championships in powerlifting at the age of 
50 - just four months after taking up the sport.

Bev Johnson, from North Thoresby, competed in the British and Amateur Powerlifting Union Northern Quarter in Scunthorpe on February 7, and was 
delighted to discover that she had been selected to represent Great Britain at this year’s WPC European Championships in Stoke 
on Trent in June.

Bev has taken her fitness particularly seriously in the last three years, taking up self-defence and kickboxing at Function 
First in Louth back in September 2013.

Bev told the Leader: “I have been a jogger for 
just over 20 years, but got heavier and 
heavier as I got over 40.

“I have lost over three stone in weight in the last three years, and started 
training - initially with Kettlebells - which 
accelerated my weight loss and toning.”

“I then took up self defence and kickboxing in September 2013, with [Function First coach] James Breakspeare’s encouragement, which 
has improved my confidence and he has seen me change 
as a person.

“My husband of almost 20 years has seen a massive change in me and has been a great support throughout.”

Bev praised Function First for their innovative 
training methods and 
support, and it was a seminar led by 
record-breaking powerlifter Andy Bolton 
last October which first inspired her to 
give it a try for herself.

Bev said: “My coach James Breakspeare, myself, and another member entered a novice comp at the end of November, where we were asked about entering a qualifying 

“Due to other commitments the other two were not able to compete last week, but James has coached me through a strength program for bench press, 
back squat and deadlift, and helping me with overall and specific 
training and nutrition and looking after my body.”

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