Prolific shoplifter sentenced to three months in prison after multiple thefts in Mablethorpe

Court story.
Court story.

A prolific shoplifter, who stole to feed his heroin addiction, has been sent to prison for three months by magistrates at Skegness.

Darren Charles Fitzpatrick, 45, formerly of Station Road, Mablethorpe, admitted stealing £80 worth of shampoo from Boots on October 9, the theft of seven tracksuit bottoms worth £104 from the Factory Shop on June 23 and the theft of four sets of hair clippers worth £88, also from the Factory Shop, on October 8, all in Mablethorpe.

In defence, Dave Clapham said Fitzpatrick had struggled with heroin addiction for a long time. He said he had around 100 convictions for theft which was to feed his habit. Mr Clapham said Fitzpatrick was a ‘really nice guy’ when he was off the drugs but found it impossible to stay free.

The court heard that Fitzpatrick was subject to an eight week suspended prison sentence imposed on August 21 and magistrates ordered he serve that sentence. They added another 28 days imprisonment to be served consecutively for the other theft offences.

They told him they hoped he would get his addiction under control while he was there.