Public Healh Annual Report from NHS Lincolnshire

THE gap between the least and most healthy people in the county is increasing year on year, according to the 2011 Public Health Annual Report published by NHS Lincolnshire.

The report gives recommendations where more work needs to be done.

Dr Tony Hill, director of public health for NHS Lincolnshire, said: “The report provides a snapshot of where we are in Lincolnshire in terms of key health and well-being priorities. One of our biggest challenges continues to be the growing gap between the healthiest and least healthy people in the county.

“We’re working to address this by targeting preventative services, such as encouraging uptake for screening programmes to the most vulnerable communities.

“To support this we are aiming to improve the quality of local data and put into place a more focussed set approach to planning health services.”

The report says the average health of the population is getter better. There are higher take-up rates for cancer screening programmes in more vulnerable groups of people and the NHS Health Check Programme has been expanded to identify health risks sooner for more people.