Public to be consulted on future of area’s schools

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THE consultation over the proposal for Louth area schools to work more closely together, and possibly form an academy, is due to begin soon.

Governors and headteachers at the schools involved – Cordeaux School, Monks’ Dyke and Tennyson Learning Federation, The Wolds College and Birkbeck School – have now drawn up three possible ways forward.

In a joint statement they say: “There are three potential ways forward but these might not include all of the schools involved. A hard federation where institutions are still separate but all parties agree to work together in a contractually binding way.

“A governor-led school reorganisation which would mean that schools would become a single entity but remain within a local authority control. An academy with a single organisation opting out of local authority control.

“These three options are now being investigated further and all governing bodies are being kept informed of the group’s progress.

“We have a chance to create something new, exciting and distinctive, but, at the same time, re-evaluate what education means to this area. This is a unique opportunity to ensure we deliver education that benefits everyone to the maximum.”

Another meeting will be held today (Wednesday, April 6) and it is hoped that dates for a public consultation will be announced soon afterwards.

The schools say they want to ‘ensure that the debate surrounding the future of Louth area schools is open and transparent.’

The chairman of King Edward VI Grammar School governors attended the last meeting so he was aware of the discussions.

Some people are worried about the proposals and a campaign group, Save Our Schools, has been set up.

l Are you for or against the schools working more closely together? Will any changes affect pupils?

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