Public toilet entry charges to be imposed in April

Public toilet charges will be imposed in a few weeks time.
Public toilet charges will be imposed in a few weeks time.

East Lindsey District Council will soon be moving to its new model of operation for 13 toilets across the district, including two public toilet blocks in Louth.

As a result, there will be temporary disruption of use of toilets in Eastgate and Louth Bus Station on March 21-22, due to the installation of pay entry systems.

This morning (Wednesday), an ELDC spokesman said: “Over the coming weeks the toilets will have pay on entry facilities installed and from April 1, 2019, DANFO will take on the day to day management of the toilets.

“The arrangement will see DANFO invest heavily in the toilets to improve the facilities, building on the recent improvement already made by the Council.

“Like most councils, as a result of ongoing reductions in government funding and cost pressures, ELDC is required to review its spending commitments and explore alternative ways to deliver services. Working with DANFO means these well used public toilets will remain open to the community.”

He added: “As a result of the installations, there will be a few days when each of the toilets concerned are closed, but signage will be in place to inform the community. The entry charge will be 20p.

“The Council continues to directly run the remaining public toilets.”

For further information, call ELDC’s Neighbourhood Services Manager on 01507 601111.