Pupils showcase their skills at ‘Ravendale’s Got Talent’

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Pupils at East Ravendale C of E Primary School enjoyed a break from their academic work on Wednesday (February 12) and took part in a ‘Ravendale’s Got Talent’ show, which wowed fellow pupils and parents. Thirteen acts took to the stage to show off dancing, magic, singing, and much more.

The winner was Tom, from Year Three, who gave an interesting presentation about rearing pigs and treated parents to sausage rolls following his talk. The three outspoken judges - Oliver, Grace and Frankie - rated each performance.

East Ravendale pupils

East Ravendale pupils

Tom won a rather unique prize, which was a ‘pineapple with hands’ presented by headteacher Mr Mottram.

Mr Mottram ensured that nobody walked away empty handed, with each participant receiving a banana for taking part (to a cockney chorus of ‘have a banana!’ from the pupils).

First on the stage was a group of eight Year One pupils, who danced along to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ complete with boxing moves. They were followed by Year Two pupil George, who performed an impressive gymnastic routine.

Next, Year Six pupil Millie performed a dance to the sound of Ellie Goulding’s hit single ‘Burn’, followed by Lauren and Paige, also from Year Six, who danced as a duo to the the same soundtrack.

After that, it was Isabelle’s turn to impress the audience with something different, a self-written tune on her acoustic guitar. Year Four pupil Madeleine then sang Randy Newman’s “If I Didn’t Have You”, from Disney-Pixar’s ‘Monsters Inc’.

Year Three’s Tom then performed his prize-winning pig talk, followed by Year Two pupil Ruby singing ‘Do You Want To Build a Snowman?’ by Kirsten Bell.

Jack, from Year Four, then wowed the audience and judges with a tune on his clarinet, followed by Year Two’s Cameron performing a number of magic tricks - fitting the part with his black magician’s hat!

Maddie, Katie and Anna (Year Five) then performed a routine on rollerskates in which two naughty pupils tease their teacher, to the familar chant of “we don’t need no education” from Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick In The Wall’.

Alice and Grace then performed a short play, and Annie finished off the afternoon by singing ‘Strong’ by One Direction.

Speaking before the talent show, Mr Mottram said: “We are putting on a number of shows each year, and this is a chance for children who might not have music lessons to show off their talents that don’t happen in school.

“There is a real buzz in the school. Our pupils work hard, and if they work hard then there is also time for play.”

After the show, he added: “I really enjoyed it, our performers were confident and sparkly and had some talents that I didn’t realise. I’m proud of them all.”

Click on the video above to see a montage of the performances.