Quality down at Louth Cattle Market

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The overall quality of the cattle through the prime ring at Louth Cattle Market last Thursday was not as good as they have seen in recent weeks.

The trade however was very good with all types selling well with a top price on the day of 235.50ppk and an overall average of 204.42ppk (£1,023).

The hogg trade remained on a par with recent weeks with 231 hoggs averaging 137.44ppk with a top price of 164ppk (£70).

Many more could have been sold to advantage on the day in all sections.

Prime cattle: Eight hfrs averaged 204.42ppk and topped at 235.50ppk (£1,323).

OTM & OSTM: One hfr topped at 129.50ppk (£743).

Prime sheep: 231 hoggs averaged 137.44ppk and topped at 164.00ppk (£70).

Cull ewes: 25 cull ewes averaged £49.64 and topped at £66.


The top price heifer per kilo and per head was a Lim x from David Nickson of Farlesthorpe weighing 562kgs and selling for 235.50ppk (£1,323) to Chris Bustance.

A second Limx hfr from the same home was close behind at 231.50ppk (£1,217).

J H Atkinson & Son were next in line with a handy weight Lim x hfr weighing 494kgs that sold for 214.50ppk (£1,059) to Mick Pickwell.


A single AA hfr from S J Bradley weighing 574kgs sold for 129.50ppk (£743) to David Coulson.

SHEEP REPORT 231 PRIME HOGGS (av. £63.95 per head)

There was a good entry this week of well fleshed Hoggs across all weight ranges.

Top prices in ppk from J Martin, Hemingby 37kg @ £60.50 (164ppk); H Smith & Son, Theddlethorpe 42kg @ £65 (155ppk) and F W Roberts & Sons, Roughton 42kg @ £64 (152ppk).

Top prices in £ from S P Chapman @ £54 & £70; K Fountain, Horsington 49kg @ £69; J M Chatterton 44kg @ £67.50.

26 CULL EWES (av. £47.92 per head)

Top prices from J Martin @ £62 & £61; H Smith & Son @ £62 and TV & DA Hodgson @ £66.

The commission on all prime cattle and otms is capped at a maximum of £35 per head plus vat.

They say it is yet another reason to support your local market.

Louth Market Auctioneers present the vendor of the highest value beast and sheep for each month with a cash prize.

The highest value beast for January is £1387 for a heifer from F Wallis & Son.

The highest value sheep for January is £83.00 for hoggs from F W Roberts & Sons.

store cattle sales are held every other week with the next sale on February 7. For advice on the marketing of stock call Russell on 07966 104101.