Quality trade at Louth Cattle Market

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Louth Cattle Market was back slightly last week with vendors busy with harvest.

However the quality of the cattle on offer was very good resulting in a strong trade with an overall average of 218.52ppk.

Heifers averaged 225.79ppk and topped at 245.50ppk(£1312) and steers averaged 206.90ppk, due to an entry of plainer grass fed sorts, and topped at 241.50ppk(£1424).

Many more could have been sold to advantage.

Another good entry of 346 prime lambs averaged 174.41ppk and topped at 193ppk(£90).

An entry of 10 cull ewes topped at £70 with breeding sheep to £62 and store lambs to £41.50.

Prime cattle: Four strs averaged 206.90ppk and topped at 241.50ppk (£1424).

Sevenhfrs averaged 225.79ppk and topped at 245.50ppk (£1312).

Prime sheep: 346 lambs averaged 174.41 and topped at 193ppk (£90)

Breeding, store and cull sheep: Nine store lambs topped at £41.50.

Eight breeding ewes topped at £50.

10 cull ewes averaged £41.60 and topped at £70.

Prime cattle: The top price heifer per kilo was for a Limx from C Goulsbra weighing 470kgs and selling for 245.50ppk (£1153) to Chris Bustance.

The top price heifer per head was for a Limx also from C Goulsbra weighing 555kgs and selling for £1312 (236.50ppk).

The top price steer per kilo and per head was for a Limx from C Goulsbra weighing 590kgs and selling for 241.50ppk (£1424).

Prime lambs: 346 (av. £75.75 per head).

A mixed quality entry met a variable trade with purchasers very selective looking for the better quality well fleshed sorts.

Top prices per kg and per head from GH Benge 44kg @ £85 (193ppk); GW Allison 40kg @ £77 (193ppk); Mrs C Allison 40kg @ £77 (193ppk) and P & I Tuplin 43kg @ £82 (191ppk). Top prices per head from AH Benge 49kg @ £90; A & D Foster 57kg @ £90; Scrivelsby Farms 2 pens 53kg @ £87; J Jackson 48kg @ £85.

The highest value beast so far this month is £1441.44 for a Blx bull from AB & MJ Motley.