Remembrance Sunday parade in Louth

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The annual Remembrance Sunday parade and church service will take place in Louth this Sunday (November 12) - and here is all you need to know about the day.

All contingents taking part in the parade will assemble in the Royal British Legion car park, in Northgate, at 10am ready for the march to begin at 10.25am.

The march will head from Northgate, via Eastgate, to the War Memorial.

Contingents will take their places on Eastgate and Ramsgate, and the names of the wreath-bearers will be called out by the Parade Marshall.

The two minutes silence will be observed at 11am and, at the conclusion of the service and the eulogy, the parade will march to St James’ Church for Divine Worship at 11.20am. The route to St James’ Church will be via Eastgate, Mercer Row, and Upgate.

On arrival at the Church, the parade will be halted and turned left facing the footpath, whilst the Mayoral Party proceeds in to the Church.

After the service, the Mayoral Party will follow the clergy and choir to the vestry at the west end of the Church.

The parade will form up on the cobbles in their original order to march back to the British Legion. The route is the reverse order of the march to the Church, and the parade will be halted on Mercer Row to allow the Mayoral Party to take their place on the Market Square for the march past.

Upon arrival at the Northgate Car Park next to the British Legion, the parade will form an open square prior to the dismissal.

Following the dismissal, light refreshments will be served in the British Legion Headquarters.

• In the event of heavy rain and the service at the war memorial being cancelled, contingents are asked to go directly to St James’ Church and be seated by 11am. Wreaths will be laid by the British Legion at 10.40am any other wreath bearers may join them if they wish.