Resident’s anger over alleged bin bag abuse


A resident in Saltfleetby has expressed his annoyance after two refuse collectors allegedly threw his bags of rubbish across his lawn on New Year’s Eve. The resident condemned the behaviour as “childish and unnecessary”.

In a letter to the Leader, the man said that he had three extra bags of rubbish that could not fit in the bin due to a wait of almost three weeks over the Christmas period, due to Boxing Day falling on a Thursday (Saltfleetby’s fortnightly collection day).

An extra domestic waste collection took place on Tuesday December 31 instead.

The resident’s extra bags were tied firmly and placed upon the full domestic waste bin for collection. Many of his neighbours on Main Road did the same, and their extra bags were duly collected.

However, the resident alleges that the refuse collectors threw the three extra bags across his lawn, leaving it for vermin to tear open.

He said: “We have never had any trouble with the refuse collectors before. Indeed, they have always been very obliging.

“Throwing these bags across the garden was childish and unnecessary”.

An ELDC spokesperson said: “This is the first time the council has been made aware of this issue. If the resident concerned would please contact us on 01507 601111 we will be able to investigate.

“We remind residents that all waste must be placed inside their bin before presenting it for collection.

“All households received the usual two collections over the Christmas period.”