Residents’ 02 anger after 3-day signal loss

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Hundreds of mobile phone users in Mablethorpe have complained after fault left them without a signal for three days.

On Saturday residents noticed that the signal on their phones had disappeared and many took to the town’s Area Action Group page on Facebook to discover it was not an isolated incident.

To the dismay of many a number of comments soon filled the page with the same issue of no mobile reception being reported across the town.

It was not until Monday (January 20), that engineers from O2 came out to investigate the cause.

A similar incident happened in Mablethorpe during 2012 and residents had reached breaking point with the poor reception from mobiles on O2.

Residents were keen to vent their anger to others in the same situation during the time their phones were disabled.

Janet Wild said: “The O2 fault in this area is that it never works, my advice: change network ASAP.”

Kim South added: “It is a joke. Luckily I have a home phone, but there are some people in town that don’t and rely on their mobile phone.”

A spokesman for O2 told the Leader: “Our mast in Mablethorpe developed some intermittent problems during Saturday, January 18.

An engineer visited the site on Monday and was able to fix the problem by replacing some cables with full service being restored at 4.15pm.

“We apologise for any inconvenience that the problem may have caused.”

And some think their mobile phone signal has now improved.

Wendy Wheat said: “I think they’ve made signal stronger. We never used to have signal in our house, but now we do.”