Residents all for Lidl expansion in Mablethorpe

Supermarket chain Lidl want to expand their store, situated in Mablethorpe's High Street.
Supermarket chain Lidl want to expand their store, situated in Mablethorpe's High Street.

Residents in Mablethorpe have expressed their delight about proposed plans for the Lidl store in town to be extended.

Plans have gone into East Lindsey District Council with the supermarket chain wanting to bring in one their new ‘Lidl of the future’ stores.

The new store in the High Street will feature a 2701sqm sales area (an increase from the old size of 1420sqm), extra parking spaces which would rise to over 100 and an opportunity to hire an extra 10 members of staff.

Several residnets in the town say they would welcome the newly expanded store. K

Kevin Edwards commented: “I think the expansion is a great idea, not only will it provide much needed jobs, but with the lack of other major supermarkets willing to invest maybe it’ll prove the need for another one to be developed here.”

Hayley Middleton said: “I can’t wait for the bigger store to come. There’s no need for an Asda/Tesco as it would kill off the independent small businesses.”

Jacqui Crossley gave her view: “Great idea. Lidl is a fabulous supermarket. Cheap yet good quality.

Josie Baldwin commented on the plans. She said: “I welcome the expansion plans. Lidl is a great shop, nice staff, good prices and will make life better when the holiday season starts and the shelves begin to empty quickly.”

Sandra Pitwell said: “ I love Lidl and look forward to an enlarged store. If the new one at Skegness is anything to go by it will look great.”

Nigel Collins: “Lidl made an investment in Mablethorpe and it has clearly worked for them. Their decision to make further substantial investment should be fully supported.”

But others have concerns about the traffic issues a bigger store may cause as it is sited next to a main junction.

Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea Town Council spoke out on the proposed plans.

Their feedback on the plans written to ELDC stated: “Whilst the Town Council actively encourages retail investment within the Parish, however, due to material considerations, it suggests the submitted development template is unacceptable and will cause further issues in relation to the existing and future infrastructure.”

Among the material considerations the Town Council thought would be cause for concern include - design and appearance, layout and density of building, access and highway safety, traffic generation and noise and disturbance from the scheme.

Resident Jenny Carnegie commented: “We don’t need a larger Lidl - we just need a decent supermarket where you can get everything in one place.”