Residents frustrated over early streetlight switch-offs in Louth

Street lights
Street lights

Residents in the St Bernard’s Avenue estate have spoken out after streetlights in their area switched off well before the usual midnight deadline.

Jacqueline Farrow, who monitors the Abbey Road area, said on Sunday evening (October 28) that the streetlights in her area had automatically switched off at 10.40pm.

Ms Farrow slammed the situation as ‘outrageous’ and said that trees leaning over into Abbey Road, in addition to a sharp bend in the road, can be like a ‘death trap’ when the lights are off.

She said there are many elderly people living in the area, and added: “There’s going to be a accident before long.”

“I, for one, don’t feel safe after 10.30pm at night now. No doubt many others feel the same.

“I want to know what have they done with the £1.7 million they have saved so far!”

Joyce Clarkson added her concerns, telling the Leader: “It is creepy walking round the corner when the lights are on, let alone when they are off, as they are in the early morning.

“Even emergency services have difficulty in finding the right houses.”

Late on Sunday evening, Michelle Gardner said: “I was outside when they went off at 10.31pm on Bishop’s Close, and plunged into darkness.

“I guess they haven’t altered the clocks, but this is getting ridiculous.

On Monday afternoon, a Lincolnshire County Council highways spokesman told the Leader: “This is due to the clocks going back.

“The street lights have sensors that monitor the number of daylight hours, which is how they set their internal clock.

“During the autumn, the part-night lights enter a period of adjustment, when their timings may vary as they adapt to the switch to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).”

The spokesman added that the streetlights will quickly self-adjust over the next few days, and said that this technology eliminates the need for council workers to go around the county and manually re-calibrate the internal clocks.

He said that similar complaints were received for a brief period last year - again, around the time of the clocks going back - but that the issue was resolved within a week.

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