Residents of Louth village encouraged to find golden gnome

Duncan Lambert with a Rix Golden Gnome.
Duncan Lambert with a Rix Golden Gnome.

Residents of a village near Louth are being encouraged to keep an eye out for one of the rarest creatures known to man.

An elusive Rix Golden Gnome, of which just 25 remain in the wild, and has been hiding somewhere in Fulstow since Sunday, June 1, and the lucky person who finds it will win a prize.

The gnomes are making an appearance to help leading East Yorkshire fuel company Rix Petroleum celebrate the 50th anniversary of its heating services business.

Each one harbours a prize ranging from carbon monoxide monitors and free boiler services to a fuel storage tank or 500 litres of residential heating oil.

Duncan Lambert, director of Rix Heating Services, said the golden gnome would be hidden in a public

place in the village but may be quite difficult to spot.

“It is a very elusive creature, the Rix Golden Gnome, and very shy,” he said.

“They won’t come out for just anybody, you have to really search if you want to find one of them.

“But it could be worth it because they are carrying treasure and if you manage to track one down and

capture the little fellow that treasure is all yours.”

Duncan added: “Thousands of pounds of prizes are on offer, from oil storage tanks and free heating oil to discounts of boiler services, so we’re hoping to spark a full blown gnome hunt across the region.”

Rix Heating Services was founded in 1964 and has serviced thousands of oil boilers and attended countless emergency call outs across the region over the past 50 years.

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