Residents oppose ‘deeply unpopular’ plan for 46 new homes in Eastfield Road

Residents protest against the proposal for 46 new homes in Eastfield Road.
Residents protest against the proposal for 46 new homes in Eastfield Road.

Residents and town councillors have opposed a ‘deeply unpopular application’ to build 46 homes at one of the major gateways in to Louth.

Objectors believe the proposed housing development, on land adjacent to Eastfield Road and Park Row, could spell disaster for flooding, traffic, safety and privacy.

The site plan for 46 homes in Eastfield Road, Louth.

The site plan for 46 homes in Eastfield Road, Louth.

Outline planning permission was granted by East Lindsey District Council last month and the ‘detailed particulars’ are now under consideration.

Residents spoke out ahead of a Louth Town Council meeting last week and urged councillors to continue their strong opposition to the “extremely dangerous” plan.

Homes in Eastfield Road have fallen victim to severe flooding in recent years, with sewage and human waste seeping into nearby gardens and homes.

Opponents believe the situation will be made worse if the application goes ahead, particularly as there are underground springs on the site which has a downward gradient towards Eastfield Road.

At a public forum ahead of last Tuesday’s Louth Town Council meeting, Park Row resident Malcolm Bouchier said: “Adding another 46 houses on that land is almost certainly going to end up with traffic jams, and a fire engine at the end which may not be able to get out of the station, which is extremely dangerous.”

A written objection from fellow resident Colin Wooding added: “The proposed site entrance would be the creation of a potential accident black spot.

“To put an exit road in this location would create an extreme hazard for traffic coming into Eastfield Road.

“Likewise, traffic leaving the town and wanting to turn right onto the proposed development would produce standing traffic after the sharp left hand town exit bend.”

Objectors also noted the original site plans included a substantial green strip separating Park Row bungalows from the proposed new homes, but this now appears to have been removed in the updated site plans.

Park Row residents argued this would reduce their natural light and privacy, breaching their human rights.

Town and district councillor Ros Jackson has ‘called in’ the application, meaning ELDC’s planning committee will make the final decision at a future meeting, rather than a planning officer.

Louth Town Council agreed to continue opposing the application, and submitted its comments to East Lindsey District Council.

• Visit ELDC’s planning website and search for application N/105/01934/15 for further information.