Rev moves on to pastures new from South Willingham

THE Community ‘Star’ displayed on the mantelpiece in the South Willingham Parish Hall shone brightly when many parishioners gathered for a special coffee morning to say a fond but sad farewell to The Rev Chris Harrington and his wife Julia as they prepared to move on to pastures new.

The free coffee mornings are held twice monthly in the South Willingham with an open door to the Parish Hall which is provided for the community and an opportunity for residents to meet together for a chat and a cuppa.

It was launched initially following a suggestion from the Revd Paul Fuller, Fran Kingsley and Celia Payne who identified a need for a regular informal get. The coffee mornings are regularly arranged on the first and third Wednesday of each month and the organisers had recently been chosen to receive a Community Spirit award in recognition of all they do in the community as part of the celebration for the third anniversary of the Community Spirit parish magazine which The Rev Chris launched and edited.

This though, was an extra special third event in the month added to the programme in the Revd Chris and Julia’s last week in the Middle Rasen and Barkwith Groups of parishes.

The Coffee Morning group had already contributed to their leaving gift from the Parish and as goodbyes were said Ann Ringrose presented Julia with a lovely bouquet and card of good wishes to them both from the many friends they were leaving behind in South Willingham as they moved on to the Heckington Group of Parishes.