REVIEW: Wind in the Willows by Louth Playgoers

THE PERFECT antidote for the freezing weather came in the form of the Louth Playgoers’ production of Wind in the Willows.

The musical play, based on the Kenneth Graham’s novel, was delivered with great aplomb and the creative scenery enabled the audience to really believe they were down at the riverbank, with the dark woods looming.

While the whole cast deserves praise for delivering such an entertaining production, enjoyed by all ages, special mention must go to the four main characters.

Andrew Law as Water Rat, Eleanor Ordish as Mole, Jonathan Cook as Toad and John Elliot as Badger, drew the audience into the story with their incredible characterisations, which they sustained throughout the performance.

I have to say though, my particular favourite has to be Mole.

Eleanor Ordish created simple mannerisms for this challenging role, which were just perfect.

The nervous habit of touching her glasses said so much of little Mole’s personality and meant the audience had great empathy with her character.

All in all, polished performers, stunning scenery, marvellous music and, of course, excellent direction from Peter Maddison and Kate Atterby all added up to a truly enchanting and enjoyable treat.

Well done Playgoers, another production to be proud of.

Review by Dianne Tuckett.