REVIEW: Wyrd Sisters at the Riverhead Theatre

THE youth group Wharfingers are presenting a spoof on Shakespeare’s Macbeth by performing Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs.

Performed at the Riverhead Theatre in Louth, the ambience is set with weird and wonderful pre-performance music; the stage is simple but effective with plenty of mood lighting.

All creating the perfect setting for the captivating opening scene with the presence of three very unusual and eccentric Witches, the stern matter of factorial Granny Esmerald Weatherwax played by Kathryn Norton, humours and lovable character of Nanny Ogg, brought to life by Heidi Wilson and the third witch played by Joely Mackenzie with a her wonderful Cornish accent, bringing a believable naivety and enchanting portrayal of the younger of the witches Magrat Garlick.

Soon the story unfolds as the King’s infant son is thrust into the witch’s arms and the realisation that the kingdom of Lancre is in turmoil after its king is murdered, by his own cousin Duke Leonal Felmet no-less.

Michael Wentworth Sheilds plays a very convincing paranoid almost henpeck husband of dominating Lady Felmet, Alice Murry. King Verence, played by Sam Pelham makes his ghostly appearance a few times throughout the play with an amusing characterising not unlike that of Prince Charles himself.

So to the story, it has everything that you would expect from a Shakespeare play plus an extra curious comic fairytale twist from Pratchette, what out for the hilarious one liner’s!

The power of words, magic and the unconventional but significant help of the Dukes’ fool, James Burgess, aid the witches to right the Duke’s wrongs and awake the Land by bringing to the throne a king that cares, Ah but not the king you are expecting! A happy ending none the less. Just one more thing, an individual to watch in this play is Morgan Vicars who’s performance is outstanding as Vitoller, actor – manager of the travelling theatre group, another twist in the play, he has a sparkle that lights up the stage and certainly a young actor to watch out for in the future.

Wyrd Sisters presented by the highly talented Wharfingers Youth Theatre can be seen until Saturday February 26, 7.30pm at the Riverhead Theatre, Louth.

Review written by Susan Munro.