RNLI crews given parking charge waivers

Photo: RNLI
Photo: RNLI

Permits have been issued to RNLI crew members providing free parking at Lincolnshire lifeboat stations.

Lincolnshire County Council’s Highways Committee has approved the issue of waiver permits to allow crews to carry out their duties unhindered.

The decision follows a fine issued to an RNLI Crew in Mablethorpe for parking outside the station.

Coun Anne Reynolds brought the issue to the council’s attention last month.

County councillor for Skegness Robin Hunter-Clarke, who put forward the proposal, said: “This is a no-brainer, and I would hope the committee supports giving waiver permits so RNLI crew can carry out their duties.

“They do an incredibly important job and we must recognise that. How can it be right that currently we are allowing them to be fined by enforcement officers for carrying out their duties. In other coastal authorities this is common practice.”

The proposal was supported unanimously by the committee.