Roaring trade at Louth Cattle Market

PRIME cattle met with a tremendous trade at Louth Cattle Market on Thursday.

The overall cattle average was the highest ever recorded at Louth at 208.34 ppk (£1,124) with heavy heifers averaging 210.88 ppk and heavy steers 197.26 ppk.

The top price per kg in the prime cattle ring was for a smart Lim x heifer from F E Read & Son weighing 532 kgs and selling for 232.50 ppk (£1,236) to Lakings of Louth.

The top price heifer per head was for a Lim x from P K Farms weighing 599 kgs and selling for 219.50 ppk (£1,314).

The top price steer per kg and per head was for a BL x from J H Atkinson & Son weighing 582 kgs and selling for 199.50 ppk (£1,161) to David Sandham Trading Ltd.

Three OTM heifers met with a good trade with an AA x from A H Benge weighing 720 kgs selling for 143.50 ppk (£1,033.20) to David Coulson.