Rogue traders con Mablethorpe OAP in £1k swindle

June Reece of Lansdowne Drive in Mablethorpe was conned out of �1,000 by rogue traders.
June Reece of Lansdowne Drive in Mablethorpe was conned out of �1,000 by rogue traders.

A Mablethorpe pensioner has issued a stark warning to others after she was conned out of £1,000 by rogue traders posing as builders.

June Reece of Lansdowne Drive handed over the cash to two builders who knocked on her door unannounced on Thursday, urging her to let them carry out repair work on her chimney.

When the new tiles began to rain down from the roof just hours after the job was completed June realised there was a serious problem, but the phone number she had been given no longer worked.

June, 78, said it was her husband Keith who initially answered the door, but said the couple eventually agreed to have the work done.

“We’d never had work done like that before, we were a bit dubious about it all but agreed to go ahead. We were stupid,” she said.

“I handed over £300 and then another £700 and a neighbour came round later on to tell us when the tiles started blowing off.

“We got a reputable builder in who said the wrong tiles had been used and they’d just been nailed on.

“We’d been had, they were a couple of rogue traders.

“One of them came to the door and did the work while another sat in the van.

“The one we spoke to said he was from Mablethorpe but that was obviously a load of rubbish, I’m not sure where he could have been from.”

The Reeces are waiting to hear from police and Trading Standards. June admitted:” We won’t see the money again but I hope this serves as a warning to other people.”

PC Simon Beaney of Lincolnshire Police said: “There are a number of rights that consumers have to protect them from unscrupulous workmen and our advice is to never agree on the doorstep for work to be carried out.

“Take some time to do a little research and seek advice so you know what your rights are and what paperwork you should expect from the company in relation to cancellation etc.

“Always call the police if you believe you or a neighbour or relative has been the victim of doorstep crime.

“For information on No Cold Calling Zones, Nominated Neighbour Schemes and other crime prevention advice, contact your local Neighbourhood Policing Team.”

It is understood Trading Standards are currently investigating the matter ‘in respect of the quality of the work and the price paid for what was done’.

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