Rotary Club of Louth help young traders

In what is believed to be the first project of its kind in the area, The Rotary Club of Louth gave money to three primary schools in Louth so they could run an Enterprise Challenge.

The club gave St Michael’s, Kidgate and Lacey Gardens £150 each.

The aim was to encourage the children to learn and practice skills in money management and in using money for buying and selling.

They had to run their own business and sell the products they had created.

Pupils from the schools went to a club meeting with their parents at the end of the programme and reported on how they had spent their money and their trading profits.

President Andrew Leonard, presented certificates to each school and announced the winner as Kidgate Primary School with a profit of £399.49 on an expenditure of £150.

In total the schools made a profit of £984.60 which will all go to charities, the winning school being awarded £492 for charities of their choice and the other two schools £100 each, and the balance to go to Rotary local charities.

The children gave an ‘outstanding’ presentation of their activities, which included organising a raffle and bingo at a school sports day, making and selling bath bombs and bird feeds, and buying and selling sweets and other consumables.

It is hoped to continue this programme in the future.