‘Rough Sleep’ event in Mablethorpe raises £1,400

The rough sleepers wrapped up for their night outside
The rough sleepers wrapped up for their night outside

Six individuals in Mablethorpe took part in a ‘Rough Sleep’ event on Friday evening (March 13) and have raised over £1,400.

The aim of the event was to raise awareness for homelessness on the East Coast and to raise funds for those who need help when they sleep rough in the area.

County Councillors Colin Mair and Anne Reynolds took part in the event alongside Lisa and Nigel Collins, Dorothy Macmillan and Wayne Leigh.

Describing what it was like on the streets on the chilly Friday evening, Lisa Collins said: “After all of us spoke when we completed our rough sleep, we tried to put into words what it was like, but we just couldn’t. It’s really hard to describe what it was like.

“It is an experience that really hit home for all of us and we can’t imagine how people find the strength to do it night after night, it’s heartbreaking. The coldness goes right through to your bones and four days later, I only just feel normal again. It has given us a deep understanding on how it is for people who are homeless.”