Royal baby celebraed at Donington on Bain

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‘It’s a Boy’. The new baby, born to be king was given a right royal welcome at Donington on Bain as within an hour of the announcement being made, owner Jenny Ward had dressed her window at the village shop to celebrate the birth.

Having made provisional preparations she had been waiting to find out if she needed blue or pink flowers to complete the floral arrangements at each side and once the exciting news was in the public domain she was able to set up her display.

A large portrait of William and Catherine sets the scene on the blue background with pretty greetings cards for parents, grand parents and great grandparents surrounded by new baby essentials including talc, cotton wool and baby lotion.

The only thing missing to complete the display was the baby!- and a kind customer helped out by providing Jenny with a redundant doll from her loft which was wrapped in a white shawl and placed in the centre of the window for everyone to admire in the coming weeks as they share the joy with the new family.

The monthly meeting of the Donington on Bain Parish Council was taking place in the village hall and a nearby resident called in to relay the news when the announcement was made.