Russ Maddison

THE funeral service for Russ Maddison, aged 55, was held on Friday October 14 at St Peter and St Paul’s, Tetney.

The service was conducted by Rev Christopher Woadden. Funeral arrangements were by Kettle Ltd Louth.

Family mourners: Caz Tasker, partner; Simon Maddison and Cheree Mathews, son and partner; Andrew and Janette Maddison, son and daughter-in-law; Tom and Jen Chapman, brother-in-law and sister; Claire and Mark Smith, niece and partner; Matthew and Jess Chapman, nephew and partner; Chris and Louise Fairburn, Will, Harvey and Harriet Fairburn; Ben and Caroline Tasker, Jack Josham; Roy Maddison (also rep Kevin and Karen); Raymond Lovesey, cousin (also rep Pamela); G Chapman; Richard and Janet Ablott, cousin (also rep Ablott family); Wayne Mathews; Cathryn Geary.

Other mourners: Ivor Day, (also rep Janet Day and Rosemari Thompson); Robert and Victoria Cass; Peter Cass; James Gillick; Melissa Smith, (rep Meridian Leisure Centre Louth); Dean Jacklin; Robin Beecroft; Simon Lovett; Mary Pennell (also rep Gary Pennell); Melanie Ellis, (also rep Geoff Ellis); Brian and Jean Holden; Derek and Joan Abbott (also rep Jim Blanchard); Paul Jacklin; Joyce Marshall Senior, (also rep Newborough Family); Gary Cooper; Pam Fieldsend; John and Dawn Claxton; Anne Smith, (also rep Richard Smith and Ella Dunn); Stephen Smith (also rep Stephanie Smith and Matthew Dannatt); Andrew and Nina Jacklin; Vera Davis; Lance Jacklin (also rep Janet Jacklin); Keith Marshall (also rep Joyce); James Marshall; Karen Brown; Fiona Ward; Julie Priestley; Joy Bloomer (also rep Mary Ramsden and friends at Utterby); Neil and Mary Worthington (also rep Steve and Ruth Parkinson); Chris, Mary and Martin Simons (also rep Kate Simons and Linda, Sarah and Thomas Kohut); Roy and Hazel Jacklin; Alan and Ruth Bradbury (also rep the Bradbury family); Steven and Emma Joe Jacklin; Adam and Charlotte Buckley; Guy and Jennifer Acton; Martin and Sue Carpenter (also rep Rachel and Leah); Martin and Jane Laver, (also rep Tom Laver); Julie Good (also rep Mr and Mrs A and C Parkin); Mary Wressell, (also rep Nathan and Annamarie Wressell); Carl Larder; Gemma Evans; Sally Evans; Nigel Draper; Nigel and Karen Larder (rep Fulstow Rovers Football Club); Neil and Jullie Webber; Nikki Webber (also rep Heather Parkinson); John Bryant (also rep Bob Read and East Lincs Football Combination); Richard Harvey (rep Astle BMW Motorcycles); Tim and Rosie Donovan; Rob and Sue Harwood; Paul Wylie; Daley Marsh (rep North Somercotes Football Club); Ashley Marsh; Pauline French (also rep Nigel Tracy); Adam French; Sid Cowley (rep Lincs Football Association); Peter Oliver (also rep Barbara Oliver and Andrew and Kelly); Jim Fairburn (also rep Philippa Fairburn); Dawn Wright; Albert Wright; Lisa Wright; Glynn Westcott; Graham and Carol Pearson; Clive Pinder; Russell Young; Jamie Joyce; Paul Bennett (also rep Chris Bennet); Rich and Jean English; Steve and Tessa Deegan; Lyn Deegan; Lizzi Deegan; Danny Malone; Joanne Malone; Mick Chapel (also rep Susan Chapel); Mae Leightley (also rep Rob and Lee); Liam Byrne; Dale Coppin; Jamie and Fiona Steel; Nick Ingoldby (also rep Karen); Paul Davies; Susan White; Dave Weston; Tony Harrison; Dave Barber; Austin Garrity; Jeff Braun; Pete Chohan; Kal Singh; Matthew, Carol and James Archer (also rep Tim Archer); Steve Godfrey; David Lowe; Paul Lister; John Hughes; Christian Hickey; Mike Beecroft; George Petch; John Boldy; John Wallace; Phil Clarke; Graham Robert; Brian Haughey; Neil Alker; Bob Fairless; Donna Lee; Steve Grundy; Andy Stephenson; Phil Morris; Tony Murphy; Mark Picken; Garry Davies; Ian Betts; Chick Miller; Mr and Mrs Jim and Gwen Parker; Terry and Brenda Norrish (also rep Ben and Sam Allen, Derek and Karen Hallett); Angie Laking (also rep Bob Laking); Joy Wilson (also rep Sylvia Riggall); Stewart Forest, (also rep Rosie Forest); Richard Hampton, (rep Manby Football Club); Garry Padbury; Paul Lea; Colin Day (also rep June Day); Susan Brown; Diane Smith, (also rep Mr Mark Smith); Valerie Pierrepont; Ian (Beatle) Towse; Jason Collinson; Carl Momby (rep Louth Old Boys); Pete Goy; Geoffrey Silvester (also rep Silvester family); Mark Silvester; Reg and Gaynor Crowson; Gail Castledine; Ian Weston; Theresa Doe; Smiler Huttson, Alexis Rolanson (also rep Dave and Nick Foster); Lee Bell; Ian and Gail Bradbury; Hemmings; Derek Wardle; Ken Coates; Ged Boland; Sarah Boland; Dave and Lesley Thornes; Andrew and Linda Mumby (also rep Joanne and Lee Bradbury); Paul Shaw (also rep M Shaw); Toni Beecroft; Chris Williamson (also rep Kelly Davies); Doreen Rowan (also rep Adrian and Jonathan Rowan); Sally Rowan; Judith Chapman (also rep Carl Chapman, Chappie and Martin Clark); Jane Clover (also rep Alan and Matty Clover); Ralph Pinder; Chris Macdonald; Mat Dyson; Laurie Richardson; Peter Mason; Edwin Manders; Simon Manders; Michael Armstrong; Simon Barton (rep Astle BMW); Steve Thorndyke; Phil and Glenda Frost; Martin and Hailey Grant, (also rep Kerry Coggle); Ian Giles; Gary Allerston; Neil Asquith; Roy Mayre; Paul Green; Brian and Jayne Tewnian; Howard and James Robinson (also rep H Robinson); Brian Longley (Asda); Kevin Wallace (rep Donnington on Bain); Robert Allcock; Derek Trafford; Ray and Kath Grantham (also rep Tony and Paula Vessey); Kevin Brown; Paul Brewer; Scott Woodthorpe; Leonard Cooper; J A Cooper (also rep Martin Cooper); Geoff Stainton; Ian and Freda Steel; Paul Overton; M Robinson (also rep T Robinson and family (North Thorsby); Jordan John Mackin; Alistair Damms; Daniel Rance; Richard Askam; Ian Coffield; Phil Bray; Martin Plowright; Gary, Tina and Ricky Newton; Graham Plaskitt; Alan Jenkins; Stewart West (also rep Keith West); Mike Brannigan; Jeff Roden; Boldy; Wastell; Daniel Watts; Nicola Pike (also rep Tim and Fulstow Village Hall); Lee Colbeck (also rep Robert Lightly); Mick Hyde; Chris and Lisa Payne; Ethan Payne; John Conner; Andrew Bennett; Alex Carter.