Sally’s bantam is the best in show

THERE were 173 entries of poultry at the recent Heckington Show, including waterfowl and geese, and several Louth area winners.

The judges travelled from Norfolk and had quite a task to judge everything.

In the end they declared the winner to be an Australorp bantam to be Best in Show, shown by Sally Prescott from North Thorseby (pictured above). Show Reserve was a rumpless Old English Game shown by James Firth from Bury St Edmonds who also had Best Rare Breed with a Nankin bantam.

Other winners were a Large Brahma shown by Richard Bett from Yarborough.

Best Waterfowl was a West of England gander shown by Callum Lewis, who also had Juvenile Reserve with a large game.

There were nearly 70 entries of eggs and the best eggs were awarded to D Bullen from Old Leake with eggs of three distinct colours.

The show created a lot of interest with people looking at the large selection of birds throughout the day.

The East of England Club staged another show at Revesby with 140 birds and 70 plates of eggs.

In the birds section Sally Prescott’s black Australorp bantam won again, showing a lot of promise for this young bird.