Sand SOS is refused for strained resident

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A Sutton on Sea resident has been left to clear tonnes of sand swept into his garden by recent gale force winds after local authorities shunned his plea for help.

John Watkins, 66, of Church Close has been left strained with the high volume of sand in his garden which he has been attempting to clear for the last three weeks.

John explained: “I have had no help from local authorities whatsoever, in spite of local councillors trying to fight my corner and who have been fantastic.”

“After clearing the sand on my own for days, I’ve ended up having to pay someone to help remove the sand because the authorities explained houses are not a priority.

“My grass is dying and I’m not insured. But why should I have to pay to remove something which happened through no fault of my own? It’s ridiculous, especially when I’m a ratepayer.”

East Lindsey District Council, Lincolnshire County Council and the Environment Agency have joined forces to prioritise the sand removal from the promenade, tidal gates, roads and public land.

All three authorities explained they just don’t have the necessary manpower or resources to remove sand from private properties.

John added: “Something has to be done, it’s just not good enough. All I wanted was a little help seeing as I have a substantial amount of sand in my garden, not just a little bit.

“At 66 years old it’s hard to do it on my own, it’s turned into a real mess.”

Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea Town Council will raise the sand issue affecting residents at the next town council community amenities meeting to be held on April 15.

Steve Fletcher, town clerk for the council explained that the sand issue is up for consideration to be included in the town council’s emergency plans.