Sat-Nav and iPod stolen from car in Louth


Thieves stole a sat-nav and an iPod from a parked car in Newbridge Hill, Louth, after smashing the one of the car windows with a brick. The theft took place overnight between Monday December 30 and Tuesday December 31.

Lincolnshire Police are advising that owners should remove all valuables from their vehicles when not in use. Criminals may spot signs of sat-navs and other electrical devices even if they are not on show; these include the rings left behind when a sat-nav suction cup has been removed from the windscreen interior, and iPod cables left on display.

Police also suggest leaving glove compartments open overnight to show that nothing valuable is stored within them, as thieves know that many people store sat-navs inside.

If you have any information about the Newbridge Hill incident, call Lincolnshire Police on 101.

You can also call 101 to get further crime reduction advice from the local Neighbourhood Policing Team.