Schools in lockdown following Spalding triple shooting

Headteacher Kira Nicholls says precations were taken at her school.
Headteacher Kira Nicholls says precations were taken at her school.

The streets of Spalding are quieter today with pupils remaining at their schools, which went into lockdown following this morning’s shootings at The Castle Sports Complex.

Normally youngsters from the senior schools are to be seen heading for the town’s eateries at lunchtime.

There has been no comment so far from anyone at Spalding High School, Spalding Grammar School or Sir John Gleed School.

St Paul’s Community Primary headteacher Kira Nicholls said her school didn’t go into lockdown but safety precautions have been taken.

She said: “We made sure the early years classes were inside and the doors shut because they are at the front of the school and we had a shorter playtime at lunchtime just to make sure they had a bit of fresh air.

“It has all been dealt with really smoothly. We didn’t go into an official lockdown.”

St Paul’s is the school where dinner lady Elizabeth Edwards (49) worked until her tragic death on April 15.

Two children are to stand trial for the alleged murder of Mrs Edwards and that of her daughter, Katie (13).

Ms Nicholls said pupils at St Paul’s haven’t been told about this morning’s events at The Castle Sports Complex.

She said: “We haven’t told the children. I think it’s for their parents to talk to them about because, obviously, it’s going to bring fear back.

“I do think it needs to be managed by parents because I think if I had an assembly and told everybody what’s happened it would cause unnecessary fear without being able to have those individual conversations with children.”

This morning’s news has shocked Ms Nicholls.

“I have lived and grown up in the Bourne/Deepings area and you just don’t hear of these things at all,” she said.

David Robinson, the children’s commissioning mamanager with Lincolnshire County Council, said: “All schools have their own critical incident response plans including contacts for support.

“Monkshouse Primary School and Spalding Grammar contacted us this morning and we advised (them) to:

“ • Account for all children and secure premises

“ • Notify police if they have any concerns

“ • Reassure parents who ring that their children are in premises and under supervision

“ • Look out for any advice or information that police may issue”.

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