‘Scrap the charge altogether’


The Mayor of Louth has welcomed ELDC’s decision to defer a £2 overnight car parking charge - and she 
has called for the idea to 
be scrapped altogether.

Coun Sue Locking told the Leader that it was “very good news” that East Lindsey District Council had decided to defer the charge and look into the situation 
over the coming months.

Coun Locking said that the overnight parking charge should “absolutely” be dropped altogether, and added: “It would be beneficial for the town, residents, diners and those 
who visit for entertainment.”

She added that social groups which meet in Louth in the evenings, in venues such as the Conoco Rooms, would be affected due to a combination of increased room hire prices and the overnight parking charge 
if it were to go ahead.

The Mayor added: “The cost of policing it would far outweigh the money raised, and people would end 
up parking on the streets.

“Some residents in the town already park in 
these car parks overnight because they can’t park 
outside their homes.”

The Mayor’s comments were echoed by Coun Andrew Leonard, who fiercely opposed the overnight charge before 
it was deferred last week.

Coun Leonard said: “Yet again ELDC has been left with egg on their face after another half baked idea, so let’s hope common sense prevails and they do not impose this charge after their forthcoming 
review of parking.”

Meanwhile, Horncastle’s Mayor Angela Birchall has also called for the overnight parking charge to be scrapped.

ELDC’s decision to defer the charge was announced last week by Council Leader Craig Leyland, who
said: “Over the coming months, as part of the Asset Management Plan that is being developed, an independent piece of research will be conducted into the impact of car parking 
charges in the district.

“Given the feedback on the overnight charge and this impending piece of work it seems sensible to defer the overnight charge until we have a full understanding of the impact of car parking charges.

“This does not affect the reintroduction of free 
car parking.”

Portfolio Holder for Operational Services, Coun Sandra Harrison, added: “Car parking is a vital income stream to the District Council, particularly as councils are being pushed by Central Government to rely on the funding they generate locally.

“All income generated through car parks goes towards the cost of providing the council’s many and varied services to the community.”